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“The Freedom Fund” is proud to announce Mindy Goodall as the August 2020, “Friend of Freedom” award winner.

If Gratitude Charlottesville had a “lifetime achievement award”, Mindy Goodall would be our first recipient.  Goodall recently left her position as the Executive Director of the Charlottesville Police Foundation (CPF) after a decade of service.  Her drive and determination enabled the foundation to exceed its goals in serving the Charlottesville Police Department (CPD) and importantly, the community-at-large.  “Most people don’t fully understand the gems of human beings we have serving our community. Our officers are incredibly caring, passionate about helping others, self-sacrificing, resilient, talented, dedicated, and long-suffering. They don’t do the job for the money or the accolades…they serve because they care. I have the utmost respect for them” explained Mindy with a tear in her eye.

Mindy worked along with the CPF Board of Directors to build critically important relationships and to develop and enhance programs that have in so many ways become the bedrock of the organization.  These programs include housing grants, which help officers to live in the community they serve; supporting advanced training programs for officers; providing essential safety supplies; supporting the K9 program; and recognizing the kind of service beyond the call that so many of officers exemplify on a regular basis. Equally important, Mindy was responsible for initiating a range of community programs the CPF support, which help CPD members build bridges throughout our city that give community members a chance to get to know the men and women behind the badge.

Four things come to mind when I am asked how to support our local police.  First, thank every officer you see for their service. You would be surprised what a difference that makes. Second, donate to the CPF to help support the police and build bridges in the community to bring about real change. Third, support the businesses who donate to the CPF. They have come under fire lately, and really need our support. Fourth, when we are on the other side of this pandemic, do a ride-along. It’s an eye-opening experience to see first-hand what challenges a police officer faces on duty.”

Mindy returned to her roots and is now working as a Trust Officer at Expedition Trust Company.   She feels great about her successor, Gail Milligan. “She’s amazing! The CPF was fortunate to find such a talented and passionate person like Gail who is poised to take the mission of the CPF to the next level. She joined at a very difficult time – in the midst of a global pandemic and national protests against police aggression – and has not shied away from the challenge. I’m excited to see what happens under her leadership.”

For Mindy Goodall’s unparalleled dedication and her countless contributions during her over ten years of service to the Charlottesville Police Foundation, she is the August Gratitude Charlottesville Friend of Freedom Award winner.

Each month, “The Freedom Fund”  Board of Directors will chose a FOF award winner to be featured on  Winners will get a trophy and sometimes a monetary award.  To nominate person or organization that promotes and protects freedom in our community, email us at

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