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Dustin Yancey, a Unit Field Trainer at Bankers Life has a connection to military life that runs deep within his family’s lineage, spanning over 300 years of dedicated service through generations, including his father and brother. While Dustin himself hasn’t served in the armed forces, his familial legacy instills a profound respect and understanding for the sacrifices made by those who have.

Dustin’s journey with Gratitude began when he was invited to a veteran coffee social, an event organized by one of his clients. Here, he delved deeper into Gratitude’s mission, discovering its pivotal role in supporting and uniting the Veteran community.

His vision for the Military and Veteran Community in Charlottesville is one of cohesion and collaboration. Dustin advocates for the consolidation of efforts among various organizations, believing that their collective impact could be exponentially greater than individual endeavors alone. He recognizes the remarkable contributions each organization makes and envisions a future where their combined efforts amplify their community outreach.

In moments away from his professional and community commitments, Dustin finds solace in spending quality time with his wife, two daughters Abigail and Olivia, and their cherished companions, their goats. “We extend our sincerest gratitude to you and your family for your unwavering service and dedication to our country.”

Dustin’s story exemplifies the profound impact individuals can make when driven by a sense of duty, compassion, and a desire to serve both their community and country.

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