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Carolyn Herbert, the visionary behind Herbert’s Wine and Jelly, LLC, is revolutionizing traditional business paradigms by championing support and autonomy for individuals reintegrating into society. She acknowledges the challenges many face in securing employment due to stigma and limited resumes, and her entrepreneurial journey is driven by a deep-rooted commitment to honoring and empowering those who have served, inspired by her family’s legacy of military service.

Herbert’s Wine and Jelly was born out of a deeply personal experience when Carolyn witnessed a close family member struggling with mental health issues exacerbated by a stint in incarceration. Determined to provide meaningful employment opportunities for her relative and others in similar situations, Carolyn embarked on a mission to create Herbert’s Wine and Jelly.

The genesis of Herbert’s Wine and Jelly also involves collaboration with professionals from diverse backgrounds, including chefs, artists, and graphic designers, to turn gourmet product ideas crafted by incarcerated individuals into reality.

Additionally, Herbert’s Wine and Jelly supports Herbert’s Horizon of Hope, a non-profit organization that receives a portion of proceeds from product sales, and various fundraising avenues-including the launch of an enhanced edition of a cookbook in late spring. These initiatives help generate the necessary funds to sustain programs, ensuring they remain accessible to all, free of charge. Herbert’s Horizon of Hope provides various services, including confidential peer support networks, artistic showcases for incarcerated individuals, and reentry training programs aimed at facilitating meaningful employment opportunities post-release.

The team at Herbert’s Wine and Jelly consists of resilient individuals driven by a shared desire to reclaim their narratives. Each member embodies a spirit of resilience and redemption, and Carolyn takes immense pride in witnessing their triumphs, considering them an extension of her own family.

Outside of her business endeavors, Carolyn values time spent with loved ones and finds joy in life’s simple pleasures. As she navigates retirement, she remains committed to her mission of empowering others, demonstrating the enduring legacy of Herbert’s Wine and Jelly.

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