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November 2021

Jayne Cox

By | Friends of Freedom

Jayne Cox has a true passion for our military, and she never hesitates to “jump in” and volunteer her time to help a cause she deeply believes in. Last November she learned of Gratitude Charlottesville’s “Birthday Blanket for Vets”, a unique program in which we provide a special Birthday Blanket to veterans who reside in one of six local Nursing and Assisted Living Homes.  Jayne decided this was an initiative she’d love to support! She immediately went to work designing the gift wrap presentation and agreed to write the personal note that goes along with each blanket to thank the resident vet for their service to our nation. In the first year of offering this program Gratitude C’ville will reach more than 150 elderly veterans, many who are alone and have had minimal contact with family do the COVID pandemic.

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