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The Charlottesville Police Foundation

“The Freedom Fund” is proud to announce The Charlottesville Police Foundation as the November 2018, “Friend of Freedom” award winner.

The Charlottesville Police Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization of local citizens who help our police get the tools and training they need to do their best work.

“The Charlottesville Police Department has been transformed from a reactive force focused on arresting lawbreakers to one that is creatively connecting with the community to solve specific problems. As in most cities, a large portion of the Charlottesville Police Department budget goes to pay for salaries and vehicles. And with high housing costs in the area, very few officers can afford to live in the city they serve. Founded in 2004 by a group of local citizens, the Foundation helps the department address these and other issues by providing advanced training, new technologies and equipment, housing assistance, structured community outreach and other support,” Mindy Goodall, Executive Director.

The work of the CPF supports training, grants and several community outreach programs such as the annual “Cops 4 Kids” fun day in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and “Ice Cream with a Cop.”

“The CPF is so grateful for this award and donation to help us continue to support our men and women in blue. Now, more than ever, we need the support from businesses and individuals to show our officers that their work is valued and appreciated,” said Goodall.


Each month, “The Freedom Fund”  Board of Directors will chose a FOF award winner to be featured on  Winners will get a trophy and sometimes a monetary award.  To nominate person or organization that promotes and protects freedom in our community, email us at

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