9Round Kickbox Fitness

9Round Kickbox Fitness
9Round Kickbox Fitness

9Round offers a fun, calorie blasting workout with a Trainer always included. Our system is designed to tone your body, kick start your metabolism, and give you an explosion of energy. There are no class times so it’s convenient and easy to get in for 30 minutes and get it done. You have access to cutting edge Heart Rate monitored training for the most effective and efficient workout in town. You will learn new skills, and we modify your workouts for your fitness level so everyone is welcome.

We are pleased to offer $20.00 off our regular monthly rates.
Active Military, Retired Military, Active Police, Retired Police
Two locations.
29 N. 1770 Timberwood Blvd, Suite 105, Charlottesville
Pantops. 1956 Abbey Road, Charlottesville
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