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When Virginia National Bank President Glenn Rust starts sharing some of the military and police related projects he and his bank have supported over the years, you can see the pride on his face, and hear the excitement in his voice.  The list of such projects is long—and always growing.  “We’ve supported the Charlottesville and Albemarle Police Foundations, USO, I’ve served on NIAC, supported Wounded Warriors, served as Director of Parade Rest…. One event that VNB sponsors that we feel is also extremely important is the “Spookstock” Gala. “The event provides support to the families of the men and women from US Special Operations and the Central Intelligence Agency who have died in line of duty.  “The funds we help raise are sent to children of these fallen heroes for college expenses.”

Rust has been a long-time supporter of Gratitude Charlottesville, and his recognition as a “Friend of Freedom” for February 2021 is long overdue.  “I sponsor Gratitude Charlottesville as a way to say thanks for the many sacrifices that our veterans, active military and first responders have made, and continue to make, on a daily basis for us. They are that very small percent that have answered the call to serve and protect our community, state and country.”

Glenn has been the President and CEO of VNB since 2007.  His family has a rich history of military service, “many of my uncles served in WWII and Korean War.”  He also has a nephew who is a highly decorated police officer in Texas right now. “I believe that anyone that puts their own well-being and life on the line for individuals they do not know is worth honoring and remembering.”

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