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“The Freedom Fund” is proud to announce the The Daily Progress and its “DP Cares” Program as the November 2020, “Friend of Freedom” award winner.

What is black, white and read all over?  The Daily Progress, and its “DP Cares” program.

January will mark the two-year anniversary of the initiative that gives meaningful advertising space in the paper to area non-profits. “It’s a great way for these non-profits to introduce themselves to the larger community, or perhaps to highlight an event or fundraiser that’s coming up, “explains Richard Alblas, Special Sections Editor at The Progress.   “Our hope is that, by offering this service, we contribute to the goals of these organizations, and by extension helping the people who benefit from these non-profits.”

Since the rollout of “DP Cares” Richard estimates about 40 non-profits each year have taken advantage of the offering. “There are no strings attached. It is a free service. In thinking of meaningful ways to help the community out, our publisher Peter Yates landed on the idea of offering free advertising space to local charities. “   Often charities use the space to advertise information about annual fundraising events.  “From the feedback we have learned many participating organizations are enjoying increased participation in their events.  Or we learn that more people picked up the phone to learn about a specific non-profit that was featured. It tells me, an employee at a local daily newspaper, that advertising done right, works.”   

We noticed that many charities that support local military and police have been featured in “DP Cares”—including our own, The Freedom Fund.   Consequently we thought the Daily Progress was worthy of recognition, and praise as the November 2020, “Friend of Freedom” award winner.   “Working with the DP Cares team really helped amplify our message, and positively impacted participation in our event,” according to Tom Freshwater, Executive Director of the Freedom Fund.  “The program is aptly named, they really do care.”

All non-profits in The Daily Progress coverage area are eligible to participate. If you would like to work with Richard and his team, email him at    “Just send me a note or give me a call,” said Richard. “When local non-profits thrive, the community thrives.”

Each month, “The Freedom Fund”  Board of Directors will chose a FOF award winner to be featured on  Winners will get a trophy and sometimes a monetary award.  To nominate person or organization that promotes and protects freedom in our community, email us at

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